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The Grand White 2018: Amstel Radler Experience

With the fifth edition of the annual Grand White Event, Amstel Radler gave Johannesburg and Durban radio listeners the chance to win The Grand White Experience with Amstel Radler.

“The Grand White is without a doubt known as one of the most prestigious events of 2018.” 

On YFM and Gagasi FM, radio listeners were told to send voice notes of themselves describing their best ‘chillaz’ experience to a provided number. Six winners from Johannesburg and six winners from Durban were then chosen from the entries. The winners were each given the opportunity to share the experience with three of their friends.

The afternoon and night of both events were filled with good food, live music & entertainment, dancing, laughter and lots of yellow.

Duma Collective provided Amstel Radler with Event Consultancy for both events, as well as ensuring the transportation of the winners and their friends to the event venues, obtaining a caterer to provide food and drinks at the events and obtaining an event decorator to decorate the Amstel Radler tables.


May 17, 2018


Event Consultancy