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Duma Collective / THE 2020 DSTV SHOWCASE

In 2020, the MultiChoice Group (MCG) held their annual DStv Showcase event virtually.

Duma Collective provided the DStv brand with Social Media & Influencer services. The objectives of the campaign were to highlight the showcase by utilizing a thousand influencers to demonstrate that DStv is still leading in the entertainment industry and making the audience aware of the new product offering.

The campaign was split into two phases, the Pre-Launch phase, and the Launch Event phase. The campaign featured five Macro-Influencer types, entertainment, commentators, celebrities, content creators, avid content consumers and Nano-Influencers.

The DStv Showcase social media campaign was conducted over four social media platforms which were WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The campaign reached an approximate audience of over a million from a total of 11 772 contributors.


August 17, 2020


Social Media & Influencers