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A Showmax original Life Of Kelly Khumalo is the new reality show that outlines Kelly Khumalo’s life beyond the controversy. The Showmax Original became available to streamers on 6 August 2020.

Duma Collective provided Showmax with Social Media & Influencers services. The aim of the campaign was to drive tune-in ratings for the show.

The key Macro-Influencer of the campaign was the reality show star, Kelly Khumalo. We then used a group of Micro-Influencers with 2K-50K social media followings across Twitter and Instagram to support and amplify awareness, the show launch, and new episode releases throughout the campaign. We split our influencers into key message drivers to create video content and an amplification army of Nano-Influencers to seed the online conversation in a believable and personable way.


August 10, 2020


Social Media & Influencers