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Whatsapp VS Telegram

Comparing The Two Platforms

WhatsApp is the most engaged social messaging application of 2021, but Telegram is becoming a popular choice as a WhatsApp alternative due to its niche feature sets.

–       Security: 

WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption. Telegram only offers this for secret chats, which are a kind of end-to-end encrypted chat in which one sets a self-timer to destruct timer.

–      Server Storage: 

Telegram provides unlimited server storage, which means your messages, images, videos, and files will be saved on their cloud. WhatsApp only holds encrypted messages for a long as it takes to deliver them, then deleting the messages from their serves.

–      File-Sharing: 

WhatsApp has a limit on video, image, and document type files and Telegram allows you to send any kind of file.

–      Video and Voice Calls: 

There is no significant difference here. The user experience of this feature on both platforms is almost the same.

–      Group Member Capacity: 

WhatsApp has a maximum group member capacity of 256 members, whereas Telegram has a maximum group member capacity of 200 000 members.

Business Marketing

For business marketing, WhatsApp would be suitable because of its large user base.

Telegram groups can have more members than WhatsApp groups, meaning you can connect to a bigger community than if you built it through WhatsApp.

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