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Incorporating Instagram TV into your marketing strategy

Years after the launch of video on the social media platform Instagram, the platform has introduced Instagram TV which is meant to bring audiences closer to their favourite content creators.



Instagram TV is a vertical video platform that users can use to produce videos up to an hour long, organized into channels such as a TV. The new platform offers content creators a chance to engage viewers in a new intimate way.

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Using IGTV will offer brands some benefits over YouTube. At this point there are no commercials on IGTV meaning viewers can view content without interruptions as this can viewers to lose interest and change channels.

IGTV is also designed for smartphone use with the vertical video design feature. It’s not only optimized for phones viewing, its also meant to makes it easier for content creators to upload videos via their smartphones.


IGTV fits into a new and interesting space in the social media world.

Here are a few ways marketers can incorporate IGTV into their marketing strategy:

  • Incorporate into Influencer Marketing Campaign: influencer marketing involves partnering with individuals to endorse and promote products. IGTV is a unique opportunity for brands to reach newer audiences with the use of influencers who already had a wide following, meaning brand are not tasked with building a following from scratch.
  • Create standard video content: if you produce a product, use videos to show what the product is and what it can do. Instead of relying on written forms of communication with users, brands can produce short vertical videos explaining how to use their product.
  • Engage directly with audiences: IGTV allows videos to be up to an hour long but shorter segments are proving to be far popular. Shorter videos provide a more direct back and forth engagement with the audience. You can survey viewers, quickly respond to common questions about a product or topic, comment on current events when they occur.
  • Showcase long-form content: instead of chopping content up into shorter versions to fit into Instagram Stories, brands and user can record and upload an entire video recording.
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  • Use the title and description option: IGTV videos can include titles and descriptions. With this proper description of the video and including keywords & phrases will help audience find the video via the search option.
  • Use hashtags:this makes the videos showing up in searches easier as well as being more discoverable.
  • Upload a cover image:a default image will be chosen by Instagram but creating and uploading a custom cover image will be more appealing to audiences.
  • Keep it on-brand: make sure your videos are representing your brand and appealing to your target.
  • Keep it brief:though the point of IGTV is to accommodate longer videos, delivering your information as briefly as possible has been proving to be more effective.
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IGTV just means another platforms/feature where marketers can have an authentic conversation with their brand audiences. It represents a new opportunity for brands to marketing to and engage with the public.

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