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Sne Mbatha's Mauritius Trip

Sne Mbatha’s Mauritius Trip

Award-winning choreographer and dancer, Sne Mbatha was one of the three hundred individuals whom attended the Pop Bottle Mauritius weekend tour on the 15th to 18th of December 2017.  

Here is a recap of the experience in her own words;  

Sne_Mbatha Trip5

“The trip was amazing. The thought of fulfilling my lifelong dream of going to an island and having the time of my life is beyond me. 

I was there with my lover and experienced joy daily. I had no stress, my man treated me like a queen and the customer service we experienced was five star. I’d go back to that trip any day. 

The first day there was pretty hectic, everything happened so fast. I partied with women I didn’t know and some I’d judged before (I didn’t think they were carefree, I thought they were too boujee for me) it was lovely to spend the night partying with beautiful and strong women who just wanted to celebrate their 2017 year without being judged or eyed. That’s the displeasing part about Johannesburg, as women we spend too much time analysing each other more than toasting to greatness. But that day ended peacefully.  

Sne_Mbatha Trip6

Saturday was that early 06:00 a.m. walk on the beach with my lover. That moment was the highlight of my trip. We woke up, while everyone was asleep, we did some yoga, played capoeira, took a swim in the crystal blue water and had a little photoshoot. Later on during the day it was water sport time. Water skiing finished me. I’m a surfer but the fact that I just didn’t get it and it made me upset. But we did kayaking, snorkelling and turned up so much in the pool we made it onto the Vuzu Instagram page. We then had an Amstel All White party on the beach.  

We hit the streets of Mauritius on Sunday, it wasn’t part of the ‘all-inclusive’ package, that was us. I’ve always been intrigued by the island life, the culture. Living literally in the middle of nowhere, on a volcano, surrounded by the earth’s water… I can freely tell you those people are at peace. First thing I had to ask about was the crime, and our lovely driver, Anub, proudly replied that in a country where everyone is working and has a farm, crime is almost non-existent. They don’t get many break-ins, rapes, etc. even the police don’t look like they have sticks up their butts. Everyone is on their hustle mode. The children are so carefree, they run up and down the dirty streets and live in no fear of a trashy man. Their roads are mad narrow. One lane through the village and local town with a speed limit of 60 km/h and 110 km/h which is closer to the airport, an hour away from the east coast we were at.

Sne_Mbatha Trip4

For those who don’t know, Mauritius is a country colonized by the French, whom enslaved Indians in the sugar cane fields. So, it’s basically another Durban but with French speaking Indians. That blew my mind. A beautiful country filled with Indian culture but spoke in a language you wouldn’t expect. But that’s beside the point, walking around that little town, through the flea market, the abandoned sugar cane factories and a temple in water, made me realize that we don’t need society and social media to define us or unite us. Sometimes pulling yourself away from the rest of the world’s rules and choosing to be content with what you’re blessed with will give you peace. Mauritians are such happy and warm people because they did themselves the favour of winning back their independence and moving on with what they have. I wish the world would see life through their eyes for a day.  

Anyway, Monday was time to go back home. Sitting in a room getting massaged before checkout time, I took a moment to let the experience sink in. DJ Dimplez and his team had achieved something a lot of people thought they wouldn’t. And it took serious patience. In just under a month a month our country had two of the greatest events that are changing us as individuals.  

Sne_Mbatha Trip1

First, Cassper Nyovest filled up our World Cup Stadium with nothing else but him and national artists. Second, Pop Bottles took us on an international trip to have fun without any international artists or performances. These are people who truly started from the bottom and never doubted themselves. Its flipping amazing to experience such. I only hope for the best.  

And I’m grateful for my lover who gave me the best experience of my life and helped me fulfil my dream.”  

Sne_Mbatha Trip2
Sne_Mbatha Trip3
“What a time to be alive.”

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